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Budva, Montenegro
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Porto Montenegro

The first luxury marina on the Adriatic, Porto Montenegro, was inscribed on the map favorite locations world yachting and cosmopolitan customers from all over. In just five years, from the model in order to present the project, has developed into a luxury brand and the most modern tourist product.

In addition to the marina, the resort Porto Montenegro, which is designed to fulfill all the expectations of the owners and crews of yachts and other clients, coverage and spacious apartments on the coast, unique restaurants, bars with good entertainment, and a wide range of sports, recreational and cultural activities and events .

Sveti Stefan

The legend says that this place started to exist when the armed squad of the tribe of Pastrovici conquered the Turkish galleys, and from the gained  loot a fortress was built and it consisted of 12 houses, one for every tribe of Pastrovici. On Sveti Stefan, on the balcony above the front gate, Pastrovici have shared justice and resolved problems among people, so it was called a “place of justice”.


There are three little churches on Sveti Stefan, the first one is the Church of Sveti Stefan, that the islet is called after, and it is located on the highest part of the islet, Church of Alexander Nevski, and the smallest one is at the front, connected with the land by a small isthmus.


On some 30 – minute ride from Budva , the interior of Montenegro faces to the old capital city of Montenegro – Cetinje . There you can visit and see the Cetinje monastery in which the relics of St. John the Baptist , as well as the cross where Jesus was crucified . Then you can visit the museums . The plan is to walk through the city .


After a 90 -minute visit Cetinje , moving to Lovcen, to which it takes 25 minutes . There you can see the mausoleum dedicated to Petar Petrovic Njegoš , built in the sixties of the 20th century. From the top of Lovćen, you have a beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor , you can see the valley of Skadar Lake , and almost the whole territory of Montenegro.

The Lake of Skadar

It is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. It is located in a valley in the southeastern Montenegro and mountain Rumija separates it from the sea. The lake is 50 km long and 14 km wide, with a changing surface.

During spring and autumn season when the water level rises, the size of the surface is about 500km2, while during the summer, when the water level diminishes, the size of the surface is about 350km2.

The Lake of Skadar is bordering with Albania. Sixty three percent of the lake belongs to the territory of Montenegro. The lake shore is indented with many bays and colorful fishermen villages.


Not far from Virpazar towards Krajina there is a number of coves with pebble beaches, and the most known one is Murici, 560m long.

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